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Uplevel Your Life
Studies show that 72% of women decide whether or not they like a man within 3 seconds of meeting them.  For investors on whether or not they trust a business owner, it's 5 seconds.

With the Squeeze Style App, you'll never leave the success milestones of your life to chance ever again.   Because when every second counts, we've got your back (and your front) - making sure you look your best, every single day.
How Can This Take You From Yawn To Yowza?
Upload Your Selfie
Take a clear, full-body selfie with your frame facing forward.  This will be the canvas upon which we'll style upon - in real time.  Strike a pose!
Take The Style Quiz
Take our proprietary style profile test.  Our in-house GQ stylists have built our men's fashion algorithm from the ground up - and we've never been off base.
Try It On Virtually!
Watch our augmented reality elves work their magic! You'll be served with custom style bombs in the perfect style, fit and price range you'll love. Just click to buy!
What Are You Waiting For?
This is the world's first augmented reality men's dressing room app - where you can see if an outfit looks good on you without leaving the house (or putting on pants). Enter your email below for a free trial!
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